Who Will Be Speaking During The Ungagged Conference?

Digital marketing has become a very important aspect of the corporate world. Everyone is talking about it; from the small scale business person to the multinational corporations. In all these conversations, there has never been a conference that brings together all the experts of the digital marketing. This is why Blackhat world has sponsored the first ever SEO conference in the world.

The SEO conference 2014, ungagged unconventional, aims to bring together several guests. All of them are reputable and are very successful in the digital marketing. The conference offers the speakers a chance to share on secrets to success and discuss some of the issues arising in the field. They will also interact with the attendants at a close range.

Speakers Invited


Starting from Scott Stratten, you will have a chance to rub shoulders with the most influential person in the social media. He is the president of UN- marketing, and has inspired and influenced the corporate world through conferences. Erika Napoletano helps people to avoid being stuck when issues arise in the business world. She will be sharing some of the insights that could help you move from being stuck to success.

You will meet the famous shoemaker.com website owner at the SEO Conference. He is one of the oldest people when it comes to digital marketing, and he will share with you about the journey that has made him famous and successful. Brad Gosse will share with you about his 15 years of experience in adult entertainment, and tell you why he is still successful despite the fact that he is a school drop out. You will meet the educational and writer known as Dave Snyder, who will usher you into the world of internet marketing consultancy.

Even More Speakers

Matthew Woodward will give you insights about blogging and writing case studies on digital marketing. Mark Ress will let you know why his set backs have not kept him stuck, and how he has succeeded in the digital marketing. Rami Essaid will teach you on the security measures that you can take to ensure that your website is well protected from hackers. Len Feloy will teach you on how to attract huge traffic to your site within a short time and hence make huge profits. Other speakers include: Michel stricker, john Limboker, Akiva Ben Ezra, Luke McCormack, Gavin Pretson and Brian Massey among many others.

Video games have been inspired by Minecraft

Video game makers have turned to create games with more features of interest. And for that they drew their inspiration from a video game and that is Minecraft. There is not a single video game play who does not know how amazing it feels like to play the game of minecraft. The game is interesting to play because it has features that are adventurous, educational and of course teaches the players to handle thrown challenges. The basic feature of the game is to build and break structures made with 3D cubes.

Games inspired by Minecraft provide a range of variety:


As the time passes and advancement touches the world of video games, makers got inspired and indulge themselves in the making of similar games. The games with the almost same features of minecraft are generally called minecraft games. There are different features and facilities for the regular users of the games. Users can create their own games. They can even find out their new resources to create new and innovative items. The fun part is when building own houses and monitor the survival system. There are several modes of hostile mobs to create defend for the houses of the players. There are different kinds of rivals and they are zombies, pumpkin heads and the likes. Survival mode only does not include hostile mob but the feature also includes finding out the foods also. There are options with the help of which you can lock your creation for the sake of privacy or you can leave them for others to see.

There is multiple numbers of player skins that are only available to those users who play in the multiple players’ mode. In the inspired minecraft games users can build a lot of things of imagination and flaunt their creativity to the global audience. Some of the games are voxel based as well.

What Are The Benefits and Uses of Forskolin?

Dieters are always in the heed to find the latest thing which is leading the world of weight loss supplement. If you are amongst them then forskolin (naturally occurring chemical compound extracted from Indian Coleus) is something that you should never forget. Recognized by Dr Oz in his world famous talk show, he showcased the amazing properties of this compound and how fruitful it can be for those who want to reduce their weight rapidly but without affecting the lean mass. That’s right; this compound reacts only on the stored fat or glycogen of the body so that you can manage your weight properly.


Other than weight loss benefits, there are many more advantages associated with it. In fact, this compound is used for treating insomnia, circulatory disorders and increasing bone mass and lean mass of the body too. Other than that, clinical studies have proved that forskolin eye drops have the ability to Open Angle Glaucoma. It even decreases intraocular pressure on the eyes, which allows the fluids to move in and out of the eyes easily. In addition to that, this compound is used for increasing the natural resistance of skin for fighting against UV rays, enhancing the ability of antibiotics and reducing urinary tract infections.

Anime: A detailed insight for the anime lovers

Anime is commonly abbreviated as animation. According to the dictionary resources, “anime is a Japanese style of motion or animation”. Japanese used a different word for animation just to differentiate their art from the rest of the world. Although anime was developed way back, now days it is gaining much more appreciation throughout the world. Also called by the name of “manga” in the European countries, these anime have also become quite famous as comic stories as well. The most popular form of anime among the fans is the episode series which are also broadcasted on television for the fans. Although they are also available in the form of DVD and CDs but it is a common human tendency to look for free stuff online.


Anime is all about artistry. There are a number of artists who primarily focus on making new anime for the fans. Although many anime characters are also hand drawn but the most famous form of anime are the ones that are computer assisted. The current anime episodes and characters are targeted at the young generation and most of the stories for these episodes are picked from novels and magazines. In most of the anime episodes, the story line is very simple and the primary focus is on the character of the anime.

If you are an anime fan or want to become one then there are several ways that you can watch free anime. While most of the anime episodes are broadcasted online, you can also refer to many websites who will offer you the facility to download or watch free anime online. With the increasing craze of anime among people, there are also many video games available in the market for adults and children as well. Anime has a huge fan following in the Japanese as well as European countries and are highly popular on the internet.

Double your money with Dubli

Have you ever heard of being paid for making your usual purchases online and that too on products that you always buy? Well yes, you heard it right because Dubli has gradually paced up to be one of the best and most innovative e-commerce sites offering win-win situations to everyone associated with it. It is a very user-friendly site and the sign up is also free. Its affiliation with the popular marketing organization Team Wukar further makes it a very attractive source of revenue – both full-time and part-time. Thus, by giving the Dubli network team Wukar a shot, you can simply sit back and watch money quickly pile up in your bank account.


Now you must be wondering how you can make money by simply doing nothing but shopping. If you are a customer, then you can get cash back for purchases you make with the merchants listed there, get commissions on referral sign ups by others, avail their coupons or deals and also upgrade yourself to become a VIP member. The merchants gain by getting more customers worldwide enabling them a wide customer base.

Overview of SEO Review about Google Sniper

Google sniper created quite a buzz with the revolutionary affiliate marketing guidance program online. The affiliate marketing guide software is a pdf file. The guidance program consists of video lessons along with the manual. The step by step guide helps in getting a deeper insight to the concepts like SEO and affiliate marketing. One can access the members’ area after buying the software. Google Sniper 3 is the predecessor of 2009’s Google Sniper 1 and Google Sniper 2. The real review about Google Sniper states that it became successful in creating awareness on the way to build affiliate oriented sites.

What does the review states?


The SEO review about Google Sniper states that the latest version consists of step by step ‘how to’ videos, the original manual along with a bonus manual, monthly webinars and direct access to the one to one coaching support. The step by step process outlined in the course involves selecting a product, searching for the keywords, the installation setup and the generation of the content. One can also take reference from the training materials that are found in the members’ area in Google Sniper 3. George Brown’s team aims to offer extra care and real time experience so that it becomes easy for the beginners.

Scam regarding the latest version of Google Sniper

Google Sniper 3 SEO scam reveals that the step by step videos and manuals might not be enough to give the professional idea about a vast concept like that of SEO. Moreover, this teaching tool can only guide people but cannot actually help people in the various loopholes of SEO. According to Sniper 3 scam, people following this software will have to do SEO of their website on their own while an SEO expert would have given real-time solutions.


The legit gsniper review makes it clear that Google Sniper 3 can be an effective tool in affiliate marketing.

Free hack tools for Android users for unlimited credits

The combat game of Injustice-God among us is an ultimate game for the players who like aggressiveness and one to one warfare. These are basically the 3-D characters like Batman and Superman which possess either gadgets or power and different objects for combating the opponents. The players need to make rational moves and attacks safeguarding the health bars and charge up their characters with super meter from time to time. If this runs short, the characters will become weak and also the chances of losing the game increases multifold. Hence, the players must use all tricks and tips which will increase the power and energy of the characters at every stage and in every location they play.

Maintain spirit of fighting


The players need to maintain the energy levels and also boost the power credits of their characters. Manually forwarding the clock in your I-phone can help restore the energy. These are some smart Injustice Cheats to remain in the game with unlimited energy. When your bonus battles are going on and you want the energy drained characters unlocked, you can change all of them to Gold and silver characters by repeating the bonus combat a number of times.

Easier ways of cheating

When you have not earned expertise of winning credits and energy through practice, it is best to rely on a safer hacking tool which is very handy and easy to use in all interfaces, be it Android or be it the IOS Applications. The simple tool has immense benefits for earning unlimited power credits which can be taken via the Bluetooth or through USB options available. This is absolutely free and hence you can save a lot of money and also unlock the characters and costumes a number of times making the game interesting.

Know about silica before buying the supplements containing this

In general people stopped buying the supplements blindly, they now are paying attention to know about the ingredients that are contained in it along with researching on how each element in such supplements would benefit the individuals as and when they take the supplements. The first thing one should know about when they take the supplements containing the silica is what is silica and how exactly is it helping the human body. Without knowing this information one would never get to know the importance of such supplements.
If you are working in the medical field you would be able to understand much better about silica and its role in the human body. However, people are not so innocent when it comes to learning the health related topics. Hence is the reason they should be able to understand the fact that the human body is contained of minerals and vitamins which when not sufficient would mandate the individuals to take the supplements. Silica belongs to the family of minerals and is also noticed that it is the most abundant mineral that is available in the human body in the detailed research done on the human body
While this sounds good to hear one should also remember the fact that this mineral is still found to be in less proportion than what is required for the human body in which situation people should try to take the food that is more likely to supply this mineral to the body. Some of the foods that contain silica and are available very commonly in the food stores are the rice, wheat, oats, cucumbers and green vegetables.
Though you may be taking all of these food items but still are not able to notice that the silica content in the body is increasing then you are not doing anything wrong as these food items itself would have less silica and hence is the reason very slow growth of silica is noticed in the human body even after changing the diet. Hence is the reason people who have understood what is silica and how it helps the individuals in gaining good benefits would start using the supplements that contain this mineral.

Now curvaceous figure is guaranteed

There is no gym in the world which can guarantee with so much confidence a weight loss for a curvaceous figure without a joint ache and without getting tired. However, this page has highlighted that an overall health and fitness, and the required height weight balance are not impossible with the piyo exercises for every woman who want to fast track the speed of the desired figure at the earliest.

No workout works without dedication


Skipping a few days of exercise and then again resuming is not the way to go. The 8 different exercise sets designed in this program are meant to be spread out across the days of the month, hence fewer repetitions and a wholesome fun is waiting to free yourself from all tensions of the worldly affairs, for the few 40-50 minutes you dedicate to exercise regime. Some off balance movements here foster the body resistance and increases the body balance and also keeps the posture aligned. Every day begins with a warm up session so that the joints are not hurt in the intense workout which follows. Some sessions for cardio are reserved to boost the metabolism rate and increase the fat burning process. Nonetheless, Chalene Johnson also makes the best statement by her slim and tender look with two kids with these exercises.

Not meant for muscle building

These exercises can be done by all except by the ones who are ardently passionate on building their muscles, which is only possible with weight training; which is specifically more relevant in the gym. These are more lady-friendly exercises as they facilitate the burning of fat from the most relevant areas of the body, which give a bad and ugly figure. The trainer has also researched and with experience helps to let go the flab off the love handles by offering the best ratio of calorie intake, consisting of 40% carbs, 35% proteins and the least being the 25% of fats.

These fats consumption is strictly soluble ones, cannot be unhealthy ones. Hence, the scope of dieting does not arise. The exercise regime is also conditioned and individualized depending on the goal and the body type. The effectiveness of the program can be checked from the reviews. People find it so relieving that there is no need to buy costly gadgets and gizmos to exercise from home. The only thing used in these exercises is the weight of the body without jumping and doing only beautiful postures which will help in getting the most coveted figure in no time.

Improve the build and startle others

Men involved in many sports activity are subjected to a rigorous training to get the form required. At the same time, nowadays there is a fashion of 6 and 8 packs body, hence people hit the gym for many reasons, and however, people who lack time can buy the latest version DVD of body beast and ingrain the exercises in their routine schedule in a disciplined manner. In no time, the results will be very similar and even better than those in the gym.

The beginners guide


The beginners and the novices who want to build muscles are well helped with this exercise routine where they are asked to buy simple dumbbells which can be attached with weights. There is no scope for complain and excuses if men want to get rid of the pot belly and get leaner body with abs and the muscles. With the help of simple equipments like chin ups or a few days of rigorous training on any of few simple equipments can have startling results, not only on you, but also become a factor of awe for others.

The cardio exercises cannot be ignored as these are necessary to increase the metabolism of the body. The weight training is perfect for getting those broad shoulders. Undergo the overall 90 days program to become a tough body builder which will definitely allow you to see noticeable bulkiness in the arms, the triceps and biceps, the legs and the hamstrings and also the shoulder and the chest. These are just the short term benefits; just imagine the scales of success you can achieve on continuous exercising with this body beast exercise regime. The long term results can surely astonishing and have been experienced by many who have taken more than three rounds of the same 90 days program and gained 20 pounds of muscle mass over this period. This is with the help of a simple DVD guide. The initial sessions can be called as the learning phase.

A schedule to adhere to

The entire program has been segmented in an appropriate manner so that none of the body parts gets a skip and is entirely kept in focus during the whole program. The program also offers one day of relaxation to the muscles with 6 days of rigorous training on different muscles which takes a toll on them and muscles get time to repair.

Folliform DHT Blocker for the perfect hair restoration

A very common problem that a lot of adults experience is undoubtedly the loss of hair. Sooner or later in many people’s lives it is bound to appear. It affects all, irrespective of whether they are female or male and it has been present for a long period of time. The reasons that people encounter hair loss are numerous, but fortunate enough, there are some mechanisms that assist in preventing the loss of hair if not reducing it to almost unnoticeable levels. Ensure that you get a good understanding of what is the cause of your hair loss situation before hastily adopting any form of treatment. Among the most opportune hair loss solution is none other than the Folliform DHT Blocker.

Why Use This Form Of Treatment?

Many people usually prefer treatment solutions that are naturally formulated to ensure treatment. This is due to the fact that this form of treatment will be less susceptible to the production of side effects. The Folliform DHT Blocker contains natural ingredients such as pygeum extract, extract from nettle root, green tea, and saw Palmetto. Extract from pumpkin seed not forgetting Zinc Oxide. All this will equip you with a month supply of 60 capsules (depending with your package).


The natural Folliform DHT Blocker is capable of reducing baldness and creating an improvement in the growth of hair through blocking DHT. The health of the hair follicle is promoted by Folliform and the user can be assured of a 100% guarantee for a refund in 30 days. The supplement is an opportunity for both the sexes as a form of treatment.

Make The Right Decision

You can also feel free to seek the consultation of a medical officer before you visit us. Then you can visit our company website and view our products from the catalogues and note the variety of prices on offer. You will also be accustomed to reading the reviews from previous customers.

It will be prudent for everyone to realize that combatting loss of hair is only possible when you believe you are capable of overcoming it. What better way to do this than to incorporate the right medication which will boost your looks and go a long way in promoting your health. This will build on your confidence and make you more attractive. For the effects of the hair loss treatment to be more long lastingensure that your treatment is accompanied by a dietary disciplined and stress free life pattern.